Digital Platform for Film Festivals

Since 2011 we have been working on a white label, digital platform that would enable any film festival to promote, update, distribute and deploy a digital app solution to their prospective audiences. Through work with the SCI-FI-LONDON film festival, we have designed and developed a cross platform mobile app solution that is data driven and caters for all kinds of events and screenings that a festival may offer.

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What does the platform do?

The goal of this platform is to offer a digital solution that can save the festival time and money and avoid unnecessary double entry. By building tools for data entry and integration of an API, you can control the data flow, create apps or programmes from this data source.

As the majority of work in building a data structure and framework for the app is in place, our festival app can cut costs and time and deliver a user-friendly experience for your audience. Our platform allows you to promote your festival content easily, while giving your filmmakers a solid reference for their social communication. This app solution will enable you to focus more on promoting and running your event.


What makes it unique?

Platform overview


We spent a while de-constructing existing festival apps and the data they displayed/offered, and as a result we have a comprehensive database structure designed to capture a wide range of information.


Using Axway Appcelerator's framework, we mainly use JavaScript to deploy a fully functioning cross-platform mobile app that can be updated dynamically. Alongside the mobile solution, we have a structured API to query and this can be used in any context.


Work is currently in progress to build our content management system for festival owners. The API v2 is now available, this powers the mobile application and can be used in conjunction with any web template and your printed programme to deploy a consistent, streamlined festival output that stays in sync.

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Fully Documented

All process and features documented along with support to get you up to speed before and during your festival run.

Flexible & Modular

Data entry allows for complicated input via carefully designed forms and levels of access. Input your data once, then manage it from a single location.*

Custom Design

Select pre-generated design layouts, or choose to go for a bespoke design solution wrapped around the API driven core.

Content Management

Deploy to website, mobile app and print formats. Generate promo leaflets and maintain up to date information on screening availability and event metadata..

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