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TUI Digital Assistant (TDA)

During 2014 ‐ 2017 we worked for TUI in London at the "TUI Mobility Hub". Joining their development team, we maintained, developed and contributed to four of their core TDA (TUI DIGITAL ASSISTANT) apps for both Android and iOS phones, plus two newly developed apps specifically designed for tablets. Built using an enterprise instance of the Titanium framework, including Node.js middleware API layers, our work spanned products that catered for three different regional markets from the UK, Germany and the Nordic regions.

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Scrum Team

Project had 8 developers when we started on multiple branded versions run off the same codebase. Involving lots of refactoring. Helping develop a 'DRY' solution. i18n multi language support and branding considerations.


Introduced a GIT workflow for teams that allowed us to utilise JIRA tickets and releases from features/stories through QA of the app and Node API layers, allowing us to release frequently with bug fixes rapidly.

App store delivery

In Charge of deployment to app store for both Android and iOS. During our time here, we raised the apps standing by achieving 5 star ratings for multiple branded versions of the apps.


Developed key features on the tablet application as well as major effort into consolidating API and app communication catering for variations in time zones.

TDA Tablet launched in Late 2014

We worked on delivering a newly designed experienced from the design agency. This was implemented and coded with many new features and layouts. Initially this launched for UK and Germany on iOS. Ket personally took the lead in delivering the Android tablet versions to market in early 2015.

Both Tablet and Phone apps were created and deployed using Appcelerator's Titanium framework.

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We have some screenshots of the different apps and brands from across the portfolio of apps we had involvement in.