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We have been working with the International Festival of Science and Fantastic Film, known as SCI-FI-LONDON for 6 years to deliver digital solutions. We have revamped their mobile app, using our festival platform framework. The content of the app includes films from the festival and all kinds of exciting features. Download the app today and get involved in SCI-FI-LONDON.

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Cross Platform

Available for both iOS and Android, includes features for planning, reviewing and sharing events, screenings and interactive sections to watch movies.

Flexible & Modular

Built using Spirit Quest's film festival engine. The festival is powered by a powerful manageable API (data source) and can customise unique features for any festival

Updated look and feel

Rewritten app for 2017, filter, favourite and watch trailers for all events, we have VR and 360 content in-app.

Audio Library

Features a large database of classic, FREE science fiction audio plays. Stream then all and more, including a SCI-FI-LONDON reading of Rossum's Universal Robots.

Timeline Highlights

We have experimented with different technologies and adapted the app overtime, here are a few of the highlights over the last few years.

2011 - v1 Launched
Proof Of Concept
2013 - QR Code Game
Feature Development Gamification
2015 - Bluetooth Beacons
Feature Development UX Feature
2017 - API powered
Code Enhancement Refactoring

Digital Consultancy

We are continuously enhancing the user experience and codebase for this app, there are more features due to roll out soon, including notifications and supplying fresh video content in app.

Working with SCI-FI-LONDON on their digital strategy to streamline the online presence and how its deployed in and out of the festival period. We will add more case studies soon.

If you want to contact us about a similar project or need information on the app, please get in touch.

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